Paddling Perfection Packhorse

The Paddling Perfection Packhorse is the premium double kayak for tour companies, youth organisations and expedition paddlers.

With its Flowtech Progressive Chine Hull, this is the choice of tour operators and keen double-paddlers. The Packhorse has a large central hatch, as well as bow and stern storage = giving it the maximum storage in its class; perfect for extended expeditions along the coast, as a duo or part of an exploration group.

the Packhorse has easy and stable handling for kayakers of all levels. Designed to take paddlers of different weights and still give maximum performance.

The Packhorse double crafts are a natural choice for tour operators because of their inbuilt margins for safety and comfort. Customers appreciate their wilderness experience even more when they can enjoy easier, more comfortable paddling and take along those few extra comforts.

High stability in all water conditions Huge storage
Large central hatch
Easy handling with different
weight paddlers Clever, easily-adjusted fit-outs.
Construction: Kevlar or Fiberglass
Length O/A: 6.0m
Width: 0.85m
Weight: Kevlar 38kg Fiberglass 40kg
Load Capacity: 290kg
Total storage: 396lt