P&H Cetus MV


Fast paced and responsive and really easy to carve and turn, this is the middle ground for those who want a bit of extra volume but are too light for the original Cetus.

Perfect for new comers and experts to launch their adventures, the Cetus MV has superb stability in all conditions and the ability to inspire confidence is remarkable and truly unrivalled by any other sea kayak out there.

P&H’s handcrafted quality is on show here in its finest form. The MV has all the load carrying capabilities of the original Cetus with its two main hatches plus spacious day hatch and deck pod there is plenty of room for all your kit for an overnight stay or longer.

Total Volume:3321
Length and 'shallow V-hull' - A fast and efficient kayak that will get you where you want to go in no time at all.
The Swede form design - Widest section is behind the seat creating a very stable and confidence inspiring platform.