Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL

The Malibu Two XL is a popular choice for hire and tour operators; it delivers excellent stability, tracking and manoeuvrability.

It is an ideal family kayak with three seating positions allowing single paddling or tandem with enough room for two small kids as well.

Length: 4.1m
Width: 0.86m
Weight: 30kg
Bow Seat Width: 0.61m
Stern Seat Width: 0.61m
Center Seat Width: 0.47m
Bow Leg Length: 1.17m
Stern Leg Length: 1.12m
Center Leg Length: 1.25m
Max Capacity: 225kg
Rudder: Fitted
2 X Comfort Seats
Carry Handles
2 X Bucket Hatches
Moulded Handles
Front and Rear Bungee
Water Bottle Holders